“What I love about River City FCU is that they believed in me when other banks turned me down due to lack of credit. This is my testimony…. I called on a Friday about 4 pm. I explained to Ms. Norma (Member Contact Center) that I had this title loan and I was paying $527 a month and I just could not afford to pay that. She took my information and said that she would call me tomorrow. I said to Ms. Norma “I don’t know if you pray, but if you do can you please pray for me to get this loan?” Well tomorrow came and went. So I waited until Tuesday morning to call. I called and the lady I spoke with said “I’m sorry you did not get the loan.” I went on about my day, took my client to the doctor and there was a loan place next to the doctor’s office. I went in asked them the same question. They said “No.” They don’t do loans like that. Before I could put my car in reverse the phone ring. This is Norma from River City Federal Credit Union. I said “I know Ms. Norma, I didn’t get the loan.” She said, “Yes you did.” Ms. Norma told me what to do and where to go.

Got to the credit union and Ms. Claudia (Augusta Branch Manager) called me into her office to get the paperwork started. I explained to her what had happened and she said “Yes, we have this amazing CEO named Jeff Ivey who looked over your file and turned your NO into a YES.” I almost started crying. I asked if I could meet him. Before we were done with the paperwork I was able to meet Mr. Ivey face to face and to tell him THANK YOU as well as to tell him my story.

Thank you to Ms. Norma, Ms. Claudia and most of all Mr. Jeff Ivey for giving me a chance to build my credit and believing in me.”

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