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United States Census 2020 Fraudsters

Fraudsters are always on the prowl and we must practice vigilance. Here are some tips from on how to spot a fraudster and what actions to take:

The Census Bureau never asks for:

• your full Social Security number
• money or donations
• anything on behalf of a political party
• your full bank or credit card account numbers
• your mother’s maiden name

If you suspect fraud call the Regional Office for your state to verify the household survey. For business surveys please visit the Business Help Site or contact the National Processing Center. If someone calls your household to complete a survey, call the National Processing Center to verify the caller is a Census Bureau employee. If someone visits your residence to complete a survey, check first for a valid U.S. Census Bureau ID badge. If you are still unsure then call the Regional Office for your state to verify you are in a legitimate survey and the visitor is a Census Bureau employee. if you get an e-mail and think it is bogus do not reply, do not click on any links, and do not open any attachments. Forward the e-mail or website URL to the Census Bureau at and delete the message.


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