Gas pump skimming is an old crime making a comeback. San Antonio, like most other major U.S. cities, has seen a surge in skimming scams. This year alone, the San Antonio Police Department [SAPD] discovered 113 card skimming devices in gas pumps throughout the city. There was a total of 81 gas pump skimming incidents in 2017.

In almost all cases, these scams occurred at filling stations with older-model pumps that have not been upgraded with physical and digital security features, which make it far more difficult for fraudsters to intercept customer card data.

Even though EMV-enabled cards and readers are more commonplace, skimmers are currently targeting older machines heavily because gas stations are not required to make their systems EMV compliant until 2020. It’s always a good idea to practice general safety when using a card to pay at the pump. If you are suspicious about a pump, your best bet is to pay inside.

To help keep you informed, River City FCU teamed up with SAPD for useful tips. The pictures above show which pumps help protect your personal card data and how to quickly identify gas pumps that could be potential skimming targets.


Look for gas pumps with horizontal card slots that are chip capable. Keypads should have encryption, full travel keys and key entry secured to pump.
Stay away from older, membrane-style keypads, vertical card slot, and electronic features that are not encrypted.

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