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Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit boxes are a great tool for managing your valuables, your important documents, and your peace of mind. Boxes are safe, secure, fire proof, and provide convenient access to those items you absolutely can’t lose.

Protect your valuables from theft, fire and loss. Store such important items in your own private box at River City FCU:

  • Legal documents – birth certificates, marriage license, passports, property deeds, last will and testament
  • Stock and bond certificates
  • Loan documents – auto, home, personal
  • Insurance policies and documentation
  • Tax receipts
  • Computer disks
  • Photographs and negatives
  • Collectables - rare coins, stamps, medals, jewelry, heirlooms

Safe deposit boxes are available at the Downtown and Bitters branches. They come in various sizes, and rental fees are deducted annually from your RCFCU savings or checking account.

Questions members often ask about Safe Deposit Boxes:

What happens if I lose my Safe Deposit Box keys?
When you lease your box, you receive two (2) keys. These are the only keys that open the box. If you lose one key, there will be a minimal fee. If you lose both keys, you will have to pay a locksmith to open the box and replace the lock. If any keys are lost, contact RCFCU immediately.

Can the IRS get into my Safe Deposit Box?
No. The IRS cannot just walk in and make us open your box. They can, however, serve a “Notice of Levy” requiring us to freeze your box.

Do you insure my Safe Deposit Box contents?
No. Insuring your contents would be impossible because we do not know what’s in your box.

Is your vault fireproof, waterproof or burglarproof?
No institution can guarantee 100% vault security. Vaults are merely “resistant” to fire, floods, burglary and other unavoidable perils.

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