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rcityonline FAQ

What are some features to rcityonline?

In addition to a new look and enhanced online security features you will have access to your RCFCU accounts as well as other new online features.

Some new features are:

  • Enhanced e-statements
  • Ability to view and print check copies
  • Self enrollment for new rcityonline users
  • Customized rcityonline home page
  • Text alerts
  • and much more!

The system is not accepting my User Id and Password?

rcityonline only accepts User Ids between 4 and 12 characters and Passwords between 6 and 10 characters.

Why can’t I reset my password online?

Before you can use the Reset Password feature you will need to enroll in the service.  After enrollment you will be able to reset your password online in the event you forget your password.  To enroll for the Password Reset feature you must be logged into rcityonline; select the User Options tab from the menu bar then select Personal from the sub menu bar and create a Password Reset Question and Password Reset Password.

I am a new user to rcityonline; how do I enroll?

It's very quick and just takes a few simple steps. From the rcityonline login page click Not enrolled? Click here!; complete the security verification steps and you will soon have access to rcityonline. Our new self enrollment feature is available to you anytime, 24/7.

How can I enroll in Text Alerts?

To enroll for the Text Alerts feature you must be logged into rcityonline; select the User Options tab from the menu bar then select Alerts from the sub menu bar and edit your email or mobile details and add the desired alerts.

How can I view a check copy?

You can view and print a copy of a check that has cleared your account directly from your transaction history.  Click on the check number hyperlink and the image will appear.

Can I view my statement online?

Yes, if you enroll in e-statements you will be able to access up to 2 years of statements online.  If you would like to stop receiving paper statements login to rcityonline; select the Additional Services tab from the menu bar then select e-Statement Enrollment to finalize your enrollment. (Your previous e-statements will be available the next business day.) 

How many transfers can I complete online?

Federal Regulation D (RegD) addresses the allowance of electronic transfers mandated by the Federal Reserve. RegD stipulates that financial institutions must limit the number of transfers and/or withdrawals an individual is allowed to make from any savings or money market account to another account or as payment to a third party by means of pre-authorized, automatic or telephonic agreement, order or instruction. This limit has been set at six (6) per month.

What are the Internet Browsers that are supported?

  • rcityonline banking supports the following browsers:
    • IE 9
    • Firefox 3.0.4
    • Safari (current and prior major release)
    • Google Chrome
  • rcityonline banking does not provide support for the following browsers:
    • AOL
    • Web TV
    • MAC running Internet Explorer
    • MAC running Safari
    • Internet Explorer versions 8 and older
  • If you are having trouble logging onto rcityonline banking, you must first delete your browser history:

    1. Navigate away from rivercityfcu.org
    2. Delete history
    3. Go back to rivercityfcu.org and click the Log In link to access rcityonline.

I am unable to view the Internet Banking window? 

  • You might see a yellow bar with the message, ‘Pop-up blocked.  To see this pop-up or additional options click here…’ near the top of the browser display window.  If so, the page is being blocked by your pop-up blocker; click on the bar and select ‘Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site…’  Finally, click Yes on the Allow pop-ups from this site? dialog box.  This will allow the window to open.
  • You can also check your pop-up blocker setting by selecting Tools from the menu bar then selecting Pop-up blocker; you can turn off your pop-up blocker or adjust the settings.

My pop-up blocker is off and I still can’t access rcityonline banking; what should I do?

  • Clearing your Temporary Internet Files, Clearing your Cookies and Deleting your history may help you in accessing rcityonline.  Click Tools from the menu bar and select Internet Options then delete your temporary files, your cookies and your history. 
  • Google, Yahoo and others may install toolbars that include their own Pop-up blocker.  Disabling these toolbars may be necessary to identify which Pop-up blocker is impeding access to rcityonline.


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