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An Interactive Financial Website That Teaches Kids Money Management:

If you’re like most parents, you’re always trying to sneak a financial lesson in somewhere. Whether it’s warning your kids about blowing their allowance on candy or refusing to buy the latest gadget just because you want them to hear a “no,” you likely use every opportunity to give your kids financial smarts for life.

Well, your job just got a whole lot easier! With the Rich Kid Smart Kid (RKSK) website, your children will delight in fun, interactive games that help them remember the lessons you want them to internalize. The site’s goal is to teach money management in a fun way, while creating and training the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

RKSK is the youth initiative of The Rich Dad Company, based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. The company is dedicated to increasing the financial literacy of adults and kids around the world. Rich Dad uses the entertainment factor to make dry subjects, like money management, business and investing, exciting for kids.

On the site’s home page, your kids will find a selection of four interactive games, hosted by two adorable mice, Toki and Reno. Each game is designed to teach children a different financial lesson in a fun and stimulating way. For example, Jesse’s Ice Cream Stand, in which kids help an ice cream vendor run a business, will demonstrate how to make a profit. Other games teach about managing debt, investing and using money wisely.

The site also offers a helpful page for parents and teachers. Adults seeking resources to help them teach finances to kids will find lesson plans, insightful tips and creative tricks based on the site’s featured games, all arranged according to grade level. You’ll also find a brief description of The Rich Dad Company’s other financial tools for kids.

The CASHFLOW for Kids board game is a hands-on activity that’s designed to teach kids how to get their money to work for them. It’s recommended for kids ages 6 and up. Other company products include the Rich Kid Smart Kid book, a finance book for kids, focusing on the path toward wealth, and the “Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens” book, which is a takeoff of the bestseller, “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” redesigned for adolescent readers. The company also offers a graphic novel, titled “Escape the Rat Race,” which brings concepts like finance and investing to kids’ levels.

Critics of the site say it is too focused on the business end of finances, and doesn’t give enough attention to personal finance topics, like budgeting and overspending.

Regardless, though, the RKSK website is sure to make finances fun for your little ones!

 How do you teach your kids financial smarts?



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