Winter weather has arrived placing many people in a joyful spirit. The time for holiday traveling, laughter and warm celebrations is here. Whether you bundle up to hit the malls or snuggle up on the couch to shop online, River City FCU encourages the use of vigilance.


As many decide on the most perfect presents for loved ones, criminals are shopping for sensitive data. RCFCU recently introduced Manage Cards within the rcitymobile app. This brand new security feature provides flexibility when it comes to card protection.  Manage Cards allow members the ability to switch their debit, HSA or credit card from on to off in seconds.  Turn it off when not in use and when you are ready to make a purchase simply turn it back on.  It is that simple.  This feature allows members the autonomy to protect themselves as an extra layer of security while not in use and in the instance of card loss, misplacement or theft. The rcitymobile app Manage Cards feature will help protect against criminals looking to cause mischief.


We want our members to feel warm as toast with this innovative update knowing that they can go to sleep and instantly turn their card off while cyber criminals are on the prowl.  In our October edition of RCITY eCurrent we published an article on the subject of card skimming at the gas pump.  During the development the Manage Cards feature, gas skimming was a huge thought on our radar and rationale as to why we desired this feature. At River City FCU, we are hyper aware that it is important for members to feel a sense of empowerment and control knowing they have the ability to protect themselves without having to wait on anyone else.  Our hope is that you; our member, feel protected and safe this holiday shopping season. From all of us at River City FCU, Happy Holidays!


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