All River City FCU locations including the Member Contact Center will close at 12pm on Tuesday, December 24th and will remain closed on Wednesday, December 25th in observance of Christmas Day.  rcitymobile, rcityonline and TouchTone Teller are available for you 24/7.  Happy Holidays!

“I came to River City for help because my truck broke down and it is the only transportation I have. But they ended up helping me with so much more than I ever thought possible. I had 4 high interest loans that I was making monthly payments on and River City offered to refinance those loans and consolidated them all into one lower monthly payment. I am so grateful and even emotional because the attention they gave me while closing my loan was above any service I have ever received anywhere else. I met Claudia and Monique who listened to me so patiently while I shared stories about my life and my grandson; they made the experience so easy. I would like to thank the loan officer who approved to consolidate my loans-I am so grateful. River City helped save me $240.00 a month and I am very thankful and grateful.”

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