At River City FCU we believe in keeping our Members safe and as informed as possible. As technology shifts and changes we understand that we must stay ahead of the game.


Our Information Technology department at River City FCU is committed to keeping our staff and Members’ information safe. A hot topic we are focusing on is Cyber Security.  Information Systems & Technology Specialist, Sara, explains that there are many ways in which we can proactively stay safe online.


After the Facebook information breach, Sara suggests creating a stronger password and reviewing your privacy settings. Our helpdesk understands wanting to share your check-ins and location updates but suggests posting sometime after you have left the location. Check-ins and location updates tell cyber criminals and hackers when you’re not at home. Sara adds, “Any personal information like your phone number, email, birthday, the school you attended, hometown, and relationship to a family member should not be posted publicly. These details can be used to help hackers answer your security questions and crack passwords.”


Sara defines Cyber Security as, “protecting the integrity of our computer network, by preventing unauthorized access and mitigating the risk of unauthorized modifications to our member’s data.” The IT department at River City FCU wants Members to keep an eye out for fraudulent emails claiming to be from a banking institution. Sara says, “The goal is to create a sense of urgency. For example, stating you need to provide certain information or your account will be locked. Please follow this link. Remember a banking institution will never solicit your information in an email. Some red flags to recognize if an email is a phishing attempt is by looking at the From: line. Is it from someone you know? Were you expecting an email from them?  Take a look at the subject. Does it make sense? Is the message personalized or generic? Hover over the link and verify the url is not a random web address and the spelling is correct.”


The River City FCU IT Department knows that a lot of people will be out and about shopping this holiday season. Some may even shop from their smart phones while at a coffee shop. Sara’s thoughts on public WI-FI is that no public WI-FI is 100% safe. Sara states, “if you need to use it you must accept the inherent risk associated with it. I would suggest using a Virtual Private Network to connect to a secure server and using https sites and much as possible. This will allow you to have your data encrypted and create a layer of defense.”


When using a credit card Sara recommends using the credit option to run the transaction. “This will help to avoid shoulder surfing for your pin number and give you more time to review your banking account for unauthorized transactions,” Sara said. She also suggests when shopping online opt to check out with PayPal when available.


The River City FCU IT Department hopes that these suggestions help to provide a better understanding of how to safeguard your personal information especially during the holiday season while shopping. Sara adds, “Please don’t forget to make sure the websites you are shopping on are legitimate and always be aware of your surroundings.” Thank you for trusting River City Federal Credit Union to safeguard your assets. From all of us at River City Federal Credit Union, have a safe and Happy Holiday Season!


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