E-Statements: Safer Than Paper Statements?

With identity theft on everyone’s minds these days, it’s not hard to see why e-statements are something you might hesitate to sign up for. After all, cyberspace is kind of big and scary and full of shady characters, right? Who knows how many people could get their hands on your credit union statements if you opt for e-statements?

Actually, probably a lot less than the number of people who could get their hands on your paper statements!

Your paper statements can be lost, stolen or somehow accessed in a way that your e-statements cannot. When you’re ready to dump them, paper statements should be shredded or destroyed. With our safe and secure rcityonline banking, your e-statements can’t be accessed by anyone who doesn’t have access to your online account. Shredding your statements becomes a thing of the past. Add in the ease of accessing them when you need to, want to review, or look something up. You’re better off with e-statements than a paper copy that could end up in the wrong hands.

Some of the benefits of having e-statements as opposed to the traditional paper statement are:

  • Email notification sent when your statement is ready for view.
  • Easily accessible in rcityonline banking; eDocs tab.
  • Print or save to your PC for future use.
  • Tax Statements and statement inserts are also available.
  • Members can enroll in e-statements by logging into rcityonline or by calling the Member Service Center. (e-Statements will be available to view 24 hours after enrollment.)
To switch to e-statements:
  1. Login to rcityonline banking
  2. Select the “More Services” tab
  3. Select “e-Statement Enrollment”
  4. Complete the online form

For more information on online banking and e-statements,
contact your Member Service Center at 210-225-6866!


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