Theft of consumer data from retailers, and increased card fraud have caused significant losses to consumers and financial institutions, with costs still rising.  Here are details about how EMV cards are designed to deter card counterfeiting, and how River City FCU is implementing EMV cards.

  • EMV required by MasterCard and Visa
  • River City FCU EMV Implementation


EMV required by MasterCard and Visa

Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) are the three major processing providers behind the move to chip card technology, and these companies set the October 1, 2015 deadline to switch to EMV cards.


EMV cards contain chips that are more difficult to hack and duplicate than cards with only a magnetic stripe. EMV cards create unique, secure tokens for transactions.  They may be used with a signature or PIN.  When cardholders conduct a transaction, the terminal will provide directions on whether a PIN is required. Most EMV terminals require that users “dip” (insert card into a reader) instead of “swipe” to conduct a transaction.


It is important to note that EMV cards will not protect against all types of fraud.  There is no added protection for online shopping, and if a card is physically stolen, a thief can still use it. 


Along with technology changes, processors and retailers will bear more responsibility for fraudulent transactions.  Previously, financial institutions, including River City FCU, were liable for losses due to hacking and fraud.


On October 1, 2015, retailers should be prepared to accept EMV cards for Point of Sale (POS) transactions. The complexity of the new hardware and processing has delayed implementation.  Industry experts state that it may take several years for the U.S. to fully convert to an EMV chip and PIN environment.


River City FCU EMV Implementation

Your credit union is dedicated to complying with security measures designed to protect your data and transactions.  The sheer number of card providers switching to EMV has delayed RCFCU’s implementation program.


Here’s how our EMV program will be presented:

  • EMV ATMs – RCFCU ATMs will be upgraded this fall, to meet EMV standards
  • Visa debit cards – Our Visa debit cards will be launched in early 2016. All current debit card holders will receive instructions on the card conversion in the mail.
  • Visa credit cards – RCFCU will launch a new Visa credit card program on May 20, 2016. All credit card holders will receive a new EMV card with a new credit card number.  Members will receive advance notice about their new card in the mail. Credit card holders will have the option to participate in a new customizable rewards program, featuring a selection of cash, travel or purchases.


RCFCU recommends that you continue to use good card security practices, in order to prevent fraudulent use of your cards and your data.

  • Do not lend your card to anyone, including friends and family. You may be liable for transactions made on your card without your knowledge.
  • Do not share your PIN with anyone. You may be liable for PIN transactions unless you report the card lost or stolen before the transaction occurs.
  • Don’t forget to retrieve your card after you make payment.


Please contact River City FCU immediately to report a lost or stolen card.


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