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River City Platinum EMVNew Visa EMV Credit Card Program

Credit Cards

Our Visa credit card account has been updated. Please note the following:

  • PIN may be changed or customized by contacting the credit union.
  • Replacements for lost/stolen credit cards will be available by contacting the credit union.
  • All credit card accounts will have a new credit card number.  Each cardholder will have their own individual credit card number.
  • All credit cardholders will be enrolled in our Extra Awards program, with cash, rebates, discounts and travel points earned with eligible transactions.

If you have not taken the following actions, please do so immediately:

  • Update companies authorized to receive recurring payments from your old Visa credit card, and switch to your new Visa credit card information effective May 23, 2016. You must contact these companies, as payments with the old credit card number will not be accepted as of May 23, 2016.
  • Send payments to RCFCU in the envelope enclosed in your credit card statement, or the address shown on your e-statement, as of May 23, 2016. Call the number on your new credit card for inquiries.
  • Discontinue use of to check balances and make payments.  Please contact our Member Service Center for past statement copies (standard statement fees apply). For payments or information, please contact the Member Service Center Online or visit a branch. Real time balance information will be available at rcityonline, beginning Monday, May 23, 2016.

For more information, download these documents:

Update Automatic and Online Payments

  • Cardholders are responsible for transferring automatic or online payment details from the old card to the new card. This includes one-time payments (such as items purchased at iTunes or Amazon), and ongoing payments (for example, monthly subscriptions and bill payments) using the credit card.

Card Security

EMV card technology reduces, but does not eliminate the opportunity for fraudulent card use. Cardholders are advised to continue to take the following security measures:

  • Do not provide card information by phone or online, unless you have initiated a purchase or inquiry.
  • Do not share your PIN. If your PIN is used for a card transaction, you may be liable for the transactions.
  • Do not allow others to conduct signature transactions on your behalf. You may be liable for the transactions.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, contact River City FCU immediately.


Debit Cards

EMV debit card conversion has been delayed. Details will be sent to debit card holders as they become available. 

All dates pending successful completion of testing. Any schedule changes will be communicated to cardholders in advance.

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