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Worried Your Debit Card information Might be stolen at the Pump?

Follow these Simple Rules to Play it Safe.

 Just when you thought phone/social media scams, data breaches, phishing and computer malware/spyware weren’t bad enough when it comes to concerns involving your debit or credit card information, high-tech thiefs have recently developed a more sophisticated way to steal your card’s data.

Debit/credit card data theft from “skimmers” at gas pumps and ATMs has been around for some time, but recently, a more advanced way of gathering data has been developed called “shimmers.” Shimmers are smaller versions of skimmers that can read and steal data from New, chip-based debit and credit cards. This stolen data is typically used to create counterfeit magnetic strip cards and make unauthorized purchases online. Plus, many of these devices can transmit stolen data wirelessly via Bluetooth (referred to as bluesnarfing or blue skimming), so scammers don’t need to return to the targeted location to remove them.

Here are a few extra ways you can protect your information.

  1. Go inside. Work with a cashier or teller to pay or request cash from your account.
  2. Use a “non-contact” payment system – Download mobile apps from fuel companies such as Exxon Mobil’s SpeedpassTM or other mobile wallet apps (ex: Apple Pay) to your cell phone for purchasing gas. Your card doesn’t need to be inserted into a card slot, therefore eliminating your risk of being skimmed/shimmed. Also, there’s a free app called Skimmer Scanner (Android) which can tell you if Bluetooth skimming devices are nearby possibly gleaning your data.
  3. Avoid using remote ATMs and point-of-sale (POS) terminals. Out-of -the-way, non-branded ATMs and gas station pumps are highly vulnerable of being tampered with by skimming device installation. Avoid them if possible.
  4. Check for signs of tampering. Before you use an ATM or POS terminal, “wiggle” the keypad or card slot insert. If it feels loose or comes off, don’t continue with your transaction alert the station employee or manager and move on.
  5. Protect your personal identification number (PIN). Cover the keypad entry area closely with your hand or body before entering your PIN. Besides skimming units, thieves may install “pinhole” cameras to visually record your PIN. These small cameras may be installed in the security mirror that are part of many ATMs.
  6. Review your transactions daily. Visit rcityonine or rcitymobile to quickly review and confirm your debit or credit card account activity 24/7 and look for any unauthorized withdrawals or purchases.

At RCFCU, we’re concerned for your financial well being. If your personal debit card information has been compromised, please login to to discontinue/block any additional debit and/or credit card transactions or contact us at 210-225-6866 or 1-800-535-3322.

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