Are you seeking to improve your credit or to build your credit history?

Perhaps you may have had good credit in the past, but are now experiencing a much lower credit score due to choices or life circumstances. Or, you may be building your credit for the first time as a young adult or as a newly single adult. Whatever the reason, you can rely on River City FCU to be there with you step by step while building or reestablishing your credit!

We can help you get your credit rating going in the right direction if you’re just starting out, or if you're trying correct past bad credit decisions and are now wanting to boost your credit rating. Essentially, we make a relatively small loan to you and instead of providing you with cash or depositing the money into your checking account, we set the money aside in your savings instead.

Just Take it Step by Step

You make monthly payments until the amount of the loan is paid. When it’s repaid in full, with payments made on time each month, you will have access to all the money in your savings account after the loan has been paid in full. It’s a great way to get started building or rebuilding your credit. Plus you will be saving and earning interest on the money in your savings at the same time. It's a win-win!

A Prestamo Paso a Paso Loan is a tool with a positive outcome. You build or establish your credit while saving for the future. You will also have the chance to increase your financial knowledge by taking a short online education course detailing the financial buying process.

To apply give our Loan Sales Team a call at 210-244-2505 or stop by any branch!


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Term APR*
0 to 12 months 8.00%

*APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Rates and terms subject to change. All loan approvals are subject to normal underwriting qualifications. Member is required to take an online financial class.

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