Safe Deposit

Feel confident that your valuables are safe.

Our safe deposit boxes at River City offer maximum security for your valuables and important documents. Following are a few items that you may want to consider storing in your safe deposit box:

  • Social Security documents
  • Legal Papers such as Wills or Deeds
  • Jewelry and much more

Call or visit your local branch for more details!

In Branch


Annual Safe Deposit Box Fees Amount
3" x 5" x 22" $20
3" X 10" x 22" $30
5" x 10" x 22" $50
10" X 10" X 22" $100
Key Deposit* $10
Drill Fee Actual Cost
Lost Key $10
Safe Deposit Late Fee $15


* Key Deposit Fee refunded when both keys returned upon termination of Safe Deposit Box rental.