On September 7th Equifax announced that they were recently involved in Cyber Security Event which may have compromised personal information. For more details check our article in the Recent News Section.    

Safe Deposit

Feel confident that your valuables are safe.

Our safe deposit boxes at River City offer maximum security for your valuables and important documents. Following are a few items that you may want to consider storing in your safe deposit box:

  • Social Security documents
  • Legal Papers such as Wills or Deeds
  • Jewelry and much more

Call or visit your local branch for more details!

In Branch


Annual Safe Deposit Box Fees Amount
3" x 5" x 22" $20
3" X 10" x 22" $30
5" x 10" x 22" $50
10" X 10" X 22" $100
Key Deposit* $10
Drill Fee Actual Cost
Lost Key $10
Safe Deposit Late Fee $15


* Key Deposit Fee refunded when both keys returned upon termination of Safe Deposit Box rental.