According to the San Antonio Police Department, there were 220 reports of gas station skimmers, along with 21 ATM skimming devices reported in 2018. Criminals are upping their game every day, which means we have to stay ahead of them

Combating these situations is a challenge; however we have a few tips to help

6 Gas Pump Safety Tips

1.) Always inspect pumps. Use gas stations with newer equipment.

2.) Look for inset keypads with metallic keys & card readers with chip readers.

3.) Pay inside the gas station.

4.) Use pumps that are more visible to the cashier.

5.) Ensure the security sticker is intact.

6.) Use well-lit locations; these locations are less likely to have been hit.

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6 ATM Safety Tips

1.) Inspect the ATM & all areas including the fascia. Then with your hand check if the card reader is loose, as this may be a sign of a skimming device.

2.) Go inside the credit union if it’s during business hours.

3.) Always cover the keypad when using your pin.

4.) Be aware of your surroundings.

5.) If the ATM looks old, locate another one through our CO-OP Shared Branch Network.

6.) Use the Manage Cards feature within the rcitymobile app to switch debit, HSA or credit card from on to off in seconds anytime for more protection.

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