Why Should I Refer my Friends to rcityfcu?

Credit unions are an important part of our community. The members of your River City Federal Credit Union are your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. They care enough about where they live to invest their money locally by keeping savings accounts and their other banking matters “in the family.”

The strength and stability of a credit union comes from its members. The more members a credit union has, the more value it can provide to the membership as a whole – especially when the members do all or most of their banking with the credit union that they collectively own. As rcityfcu grows, it can offer better services at more competitive rates and with fewer or lower fees. That’s the power of community support.

To keep up in a crowded marketplace, credit unions need to grow. Corporate financial institutions do this by selling stock in their company. But they are less accountable to their customers and more accountable to investors and paid boards of directors who probably live far away from the institution’s community. The constant drive to appease shareholders often propels the bank’s leadership to make decisions that may be immediately advantageous, but highly detrimental for the long term. Contrast this with credit unions, which are wholly owned by their members, who receive their shares of the revenue that is generated through better rates, lower fees, investments in technology and more. But a credit union needs to attract new members to continue the growth that makes all that possible.

When the rcityfcu grows, the whole community benefits from that growth as well. We’re always looking to offer more and better services to our members. We want to continue to be the financial institution of choice for the community.

As a member, you know the benefits of doing business with the credit union.

That’s why we offer you $25 for every person you refer (age 18+) who sets up a checking account at the credit union.

The program couldn’t be simpler. You send your friend to the credit union in person or online. Your friends who open a free checking account will enjoy free online banking, free bill pay, a free VISA EMV debit card and all the other perks of our checking accounts. Your friends will thank you every time they experience the exceptional service we’re known for. You’ll thank yourself when your community credit union continues to grow and thrive.

Start spreading the word today!

You may complete a referral form online, or complete a paper referral form.

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